Nitrotype Captcha Auto Clicker (Solver) for I'm not a ROBOT Verification Bypass Chrome Extension

Why Captcha is being used on Nitrotype?

Nitrotype requires you to solve a "I'm not a Robot" captcha after every 50 session races. Session races on nitrotype are the races where you are doing continuous races which doesn't have a delay of more than 30 minutes in between them. You get additional nitrotype cash for doing session races. For example, if you have done 99 session races, you will get 1000 extra NT Cash on your 100th race.

Captcha verification appearing on nitrotype

This measure of showing captcha has been taken in view of preventing players from botting in the nitrotype races. Nitrotype uses reCaptcha API provided by google for doing this human verification.

👽 Is it possible to bypass captcha on Nitrotype?

No, the human verification logic is implement in server also. Thus, you can't bypass it by refreshing you page or logging in and out. You have to solve it to get into next session race. The second option is to no race for 30 minutes or so to get your session expired. However, this will result in loss of extra NT cash which you get for doing races in a session.

How Nitrotype Captcha Auto Clicker extension can help you?

As you know, Nitrotype uses reCaptcha by google for human verification. In reCaptcha, the actual verification challenge where you have to select images of certain things are not shown every time. Most of the time, you just click the checkbox and verification is done. This happens when the network you are using has less traffic. In busy network, such as school / open WiFi, real verification challenge will be shown for sure. However, on home network, you can pass captcha test easily without solving real image selection. This is where the extension provided in this blog is used.

🚀 Features of Nitrotype captcha auto clicker

  • Clicks the 'I'm not a Robot' button automatically
  • Performs automated clicks only after approx. 20 minutes to avoid multiple failures.
Nitrotype captcha clicker extension Chrome

🔥 Benefits of using auto captcha extension

  • It works well with NitroTyper Bot v5.4.3 😎
  • You can do more session races using bot and extension together 💯

Requirements for running extension

  1. Google Chrome Web Browser

Setting up Nitrotype Captcha Auto Clicker Extension


Open chrome browser and navigate to extensions page using the following link or by clicking on (⋮) and going to Extensions under 'More tools'. The same can be opened by typing 'chrome://extensions/' in address bar.

Navigate to Chrome extensions page


You need to enable the developer mode in order to load this extension in your browser. Turn on the developer mode using the switch given in the top right chrome of extension page. This is shown in following image.

Turning on dev mode in Chrome extensions

Downing the source code of extension

I have provided the unpacked loadable source code on the extension in a zip file. Use the following download button for getting the code of the extension.

After downloading, you have to extract / unzip the 'nitrotype-captcha-auto-clicker' folder which is inside the zip. In the example shown below, I have used my Downloads folder.
Extracting the zipped captcha clicker nitrotype

Adding the extension to Chrome

Click on the 'Load Unpacked' option in the chrome's extension page. This will open the file explorer. Select the nitrotype-captcha-auto-clicker folder which you got after extraction of downloaded zip file.

Adding uppacked nitrotype clicker extension in Chrome
Select the folder containing extension

What happens after adding this extension?

Now, when ever a captcha appears on nitrotype race page, the extension will trigger a click which will hopefully result in captcha being solved. If not solved automatically, solve it manually, as usual. By default, it waits for 25 minutes before clicking any other catpcha again. You can change this behaviour by editing the timing in index.js file.

Captcha Verified on nitrotype using auto extension

Notes :

  1. This extension can be used in place of I'm not robot captcha clicker because the functionality is  same and you get following benefits.
  2. This extension works only on nitrotype, so it's doesn't alter / bother with captcha on other sites.
  3. This extension clicks on one captcha every 25 minutes which is appropriate behaviour keeping in view that you get one captcha after every 50 races.
  4. If you want to report any issue or want some features to be added. Create an issue here.

Things you can do to support this Project


  1. Could you make is so that it also click continue? It click the captcha but it doesn't click continue as per my knowledge. I tried it and waited but I had to manually click continue. Did I just not wait long enough? Or do we have to manually click continue after the captcha?

  2. The continue button with be clicked by nitrotyper bot.

  3. Now this may be quite the challenge but I have an idea. Make it so that we can do "stickers" so that it doesn't look like we're botting. So basically it randomly picks one of our selected stickers from the inventory. Your choice on if you want to do it. If so, good luck!

  4. There is already a script for this by me. Check out here:

  5. We need a new version of the actual bot. Sometimes it doesn't press enter after a race, and it also starts late in every race. Thanks

  6. Perfectly said.

  7. Hi there, is it possible for you to make it so that even when I'm on another window, the bot works? Like let's say I'm on I run the bot. Currently, it types on the selected tab. Is it possible to type on the Nitro Type tab even while on another window?

  8. Is it possible for the Captcha clicker to click the captcha and continue button faster?

  9. every time i try to use the bot for races it says malfunction and download the latest version of it. Is there a newer version of it or is it something else?

  10. Do you think you could make this compatible with Buster Captcha Solver? It's one of the best free options for puzzle solving and I can personally tell you that it has a very high success rate. If it could auto-click the added button that the Buster extension adds to the Captcha box and maybe reload if Buster happens to get an unsolvable puzzle. I know this is a lot to ask and you might not even be able to do this with copyright issues or something of the sort, it would be massively helpful for those that want to have Captchas solved on high traffic networks. Here is the GitHub link:
    And here is the Chrome extension link:

    Thanks so much this would be gamechanging if you could add this!

  11. The link for the chrome extension dose not work

  12. Paste chrome://extensions/ in address bar.

  13. It works very well!! But there is a bug in the extension which cuts considerable amount of display from the right side. Sticker option is unavailable due to this.

  14. Failed to load extension
    Manifest file is missing or unreadable
    Could not load manifest.

  15. rai, the nitro type botter dosent click continue can you please fix that. thank you

  16. Could you create an auto-typer that runs for chrome OS? Maybe a greasyfork extension or something like that.

  17. The file is not a zip file, but just a normal file. Please fix this

  18. Failed to load extension
    Manifest file is missing or unreadable
    Could not load manifest.

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