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Hello Everyone, is another great place to learn from basic to advance typing with interactive lesson and nice UI. You can learn the basics of computer and good postures of typing. After that, you can play many games based on typing skills. hack bot for auto typing
But sometime it gets boring when you have to do these typing lessons and tests as your homework from school. That's why I have created an Auto Typer Bot for which will do most of the things for you on

What this Bot can do?

  • It can do Half-Minute & 1 Minute Typing Test
  • It can do Letters and Common Symbols
  • It can do Words and Sentences
  • It can do Numbers and Letters Review
  • It can type upto 300 WPM with 100% Accuracy
  • Reinforcement and Practice Library
  • It can type almost all Typing Lessons
  • Bot is fully automated once you start it

How to get Cheat Bot?

Bot for eduTyping to complete homework
You can download the bot using the direct link given below for windows. For using it successfully, you also have to add an script called eduTypingScript.user.js in your browser. So, go through the steps give below and get your lessons done on

Download Extension and Add User Script

1. So, first of all, you should have an extension called Tampermonkey in your chrome browser. If you have to that, jump to the next step. If you don't have that extension, for adding it in chrome, you have to go the chrome web store and search for Tampermokey. You can use the image given below to go to the same page.
Add the Extension
2. Next step would be to add / install eduTypingScript.user.js in your Tampermonkey dashboard which is hosted at my Github page. It user script will work as a counterpart of main bot in performing the that automation tast on So, use the image given below to open the installation page of script.
EduTyping Script Install
3. After above two things, you need to run the EduTyping_Bot.exe you have downloaded. So, just open the zip file which contains the bot and run.
It will ask for speed and accuracy. You can choose anywhere between 1 to 300 for speed and 98 to 100 for accuracy. After setting up WPM and Acc, you have to press 1 and hit enter to start scanning for lesson. Then you have to start a Typing Lesson or Test. Once you started, it will do everything from here on its own. Below are few results of the cheat tool.
Bot finished lessons

Choose OS for EduTyping Bot

So, This tool will work on all portions of Enjoy. Thanks for visiting.


  1. Can this work without windows device

  2. It atarts off okay then it starts typing in everything in wrong

  3. bro my school has its own typing club can i use it on this

  4. Mine stops working. like it will type a row or two and then it just stops.

  5. that is because it doesn't recognize some types of characters like the + symbol.

  6. When I try to hit mac it wont go to it, it will only stay on windows

  7. whenever i press install where do i open the EduTyping_Bot.exe. in my files orr?

  8. is the exe's source code available anywhere? wanted to see if I could improve on the actual code, considering there are several issues with the current version including not being able to type different characters and a lack of variability in the user interface.

  9. hey im having a probmlem it wont let me change it to linux

  10. how do u add the typingBot.user.js in TamperMonkey

  11. + ^ doesnt work with this bot pls fix it

  12. This works correctly as it should, last year I used a different bot for and that was a chef kiss. My respects to you for helping me and my other classmates as I gave them a hand with typing. I am currently using your bot to do my friends' typing this year, Thank you Mr. Pr Rai

  13. Hello sir, I'm having a bit of trouble using this code for the + , = , and \ keys.. what shall I do?

  14. The website wont let me click on mac os to download it. does anyone have any suggestions?

  15. I got it all working, but when I use it it just types random letters. How do I fix this?

  16. Bro can you make it for phones to it’s blocked through my school computer

  17. I wish you explained it more clear. I'm soooo confused.

  18. how do you use it

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