Auto Typer on for Cheat and Hack in Exercises and Tests - Fast Typing [2024 Update]

What is is a free platform that provides Keyboarding, Digital literacy and coding skills to students in gamified and interactive way. " is a one-stop shop for students to learn to type! The fact that students can progress at their own pace, while tracking accuracy and speed, has been an important benefit." This platform is widely used by many schools in the United States. Students are assigned some typing homework on this site based on curriculum.

What is Bot (Auto Typer) v2.0.8 hack bot for auto typing version 2.0 2024 Bot is a free tool which was initially released in 2020 with an aim to help the students in completing their assigned homework, exercises and typing tests easily with good speed and accuracy on using cheat. Using this hack tool, one can complete almost all the typing activities given on that site. This is tool is capable of taking customized input to avoid any bot detection and many students have used it since then to get good typing results.

What this Auto Typer Cheat Bot can do?

typing com auto bot

This auto typing bot version 2.0.9 is able to do following things on

Exercises / Tests / Modules Availability
Typing Lesson - Beginner
Typing Lesson - Intermediate
Typing Lesson - Advance
Tech Readiness
Career Prep
Coding Essentials
Your Problem Keys
Timed Tests (1/3/5 Minutes)
Paged Tests (1/2/3 Pages)
It can type upto 300 WPM with 100% Accuracy.
This auto typing bot is absolutely free and fully automated, so, you just have to wait and watch your homework getting completed.

How to download Auto Typer Bot?

You can download the bot using the direct link given below. Bot is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. You also need Tampermonkey and typingBot.user.js in your browser (Chrome / Firefox). So, go through the steps given and complete the setup of this bot.

Steps of setting up Auto Typer Bot

Download Extension - Tampermonkey

First of all, you have to install TamperMonkey extension in your browser. The preferred browser for this bot is Chrome. So, it is recommended to use Chrome for this purpose. Alternatively, you can also use Mozilla Firefox. For installation of extension, visit Chrome Web Store or Mozilla Add-ons page and search for Tampermonkey. Direct links are provided below for Chrome and Firefox.

Tampermonkey extension for chrome

Add Bot UserScript in Tampermonkey

The second step is to add typingBot.user.js userscript in your browser through Tampermonkey extension. This script will be automatically executed whenever you visit relevant exercise / test pages of The script is used for providing coordination between browser and bot. Add this script using the following button. You have to click 'Install' on the opened page.

Installation of typing com bot cheat script

Download Auto Typer for your PC / macOS

Now, you have to download the executable bot typingComBot.exe using the link provided below. This file will come in a zipped container. So, extract the bot from zip file before running it.

Module complete on using auto typer bot

Once you run the bot, it will ask for mode, speed and accuracy. For mode, choose 0 (testing), 1 (single) or 2 (multi). For speed, you can choose anywhere between 1 to 300 WPM and 90 to 100 for accuracy. After setting up WPM and Acc, you have to press 1 and hit enter to start scanning for lesson. Then you have to start a Typing Lesson or Test. Once you started, it will do everything from here on its own. Above image shows some work done by this tool.

Choose OS for TypingCom Bot

Further help and customization of Bot

In case, you're facing difficulties in using this tool, you can contact me on Discord (prRai#5855). If you have noticed some bugs or have any suggestions for improvement of this tool, you can join the our Discord Server for discussion. You can refer to my YouTube channel for detailed demonstration of uses of various modes and features. Thanks for visiting.


  1. wwhere is the file

  2. on my mac i can't go above about 90 wpm even if i set it to 300

  3. It is I, the fastest typer

  4. broken on chrome os

  5. for some reason when it gets to caps it just stops working and goes to the next letter and keeps going messing itself up

  6. how to get new update?

  7. it says i need the updated version, where can i get it

  8. how do i do it?

  9. Every time it says "Start a Exercise / Test within 1 minute" it just does nothing. Everything is installed but nothing happens. Please help.

  10. how do i update it?

  11. Yesterday itself the bot was not working.
    Kindly help with that!!!

  12. Yes, me tooooooo.

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