Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Nitro Type Premium Theme Series - Scripts that will do wonder for You

Hello Nitro Typers, today I am starting a new series of scripts for nitro type which is called Nitro-Type-Premium-Theme and will be hosted on my GitHub Page. In this series, I will be sharing small scripts which will do wonder for your overall experience on Nitro Type. First script is published today, called as Auto Stickers (details given below), and upcoming scripts will be added here as and when ready. Setup instructions are available below and as well as on my YouTube videos.
Nitro Type Premium Theme
Nitro Type Premium Theme Series

#1 - Auto Stickers

This is the first script in premium Nitro Type series. The task of this script is to automatically post a sticker for you, when you join a race. Some customization are also available, which are described below.

Auto Stickers script can do the following things

How to setup Auto Stickers for Nitro Type

1. Extension

In order to use this script, we need an extension called Tampermonkey which is available for various browsers. This extension will look after the work of running the script on every page load at appropriate time. For adding this extension in your browser, you have to visit the respective web-store of the browser. Links for three supported browsers are given below.

2. Install the Script

When you are done installing the above browser extension, you have to install an user script called 01_auto_stickers.user.js in Tampermonkey extension. The script is hosted on my GitHub account. You have to add this script in your browser by navigating to the following link and finishing installation.
That's all, Auto Stickers will do the work for you now. For customization, such as frequency of sticker posting and which sticker to post, refer to the YouTube Video of my channel.

Suggestions and Improvement

For success of this series, I need many suggestions from you guys. I take suggestions for improvement through my Discord Server. So, if you are having any problem using the script, let me know through Discord. Any comments and suggestions for adding new features are also welcomed.

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Thursday, July 9, 2020

Python: How to calculate number of Whole Months between Two Dates

I was building an application in Python for automating some routine office work. Doing which, I came across a problem where I have to calculate the extra deduction from the salary of employee if s/he is not present in the office even for a single day of any month. So, let's break down the problem in smaller chunks and solve it.

Simplified version of our task

  • Get the two dates from user
  • First input will be starting date (inclusive)
  • Second input will be ending date (inclusive)
  • Convert the raw input into a date object of Python
  • Pass it to a function for result (whole months) calculation
  • Print the result.

Converting raw input of date into date object

In Python, all the user input from input function is receive as a string of text. We can process that string of text and extract the exact day, month and year values if user follows given standard format of input. This is demonstrated below.
from datetime import date
rawDIn = input("Enter a date (MM/DD/YYYY) :")
imonth, idate, iyear = map(int, rawDIn.split('/'))
dateObj = date(iyear, imonth, idate)
Split method will return three strings containing month, date and year which will mapped to imonth, idate and iyear as an integer.

Checking for leap year to fix days in Feb

For checking if a given year is leap year or not, there is build-in function in python, however, i build my own which returns True if given year is leap and False if it is not.
def isleapyear(year):
__if (year % 4 == 0 and year % 100 != 0) or (year % 400 == 0):
____return True
____return False

Function for checking whole months between two dates

Below is the final code embedded from my GitHub repository which will take two param being startdate and enddate and print the whole months between those two dates and finally returns the number of whole months.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Bot for - Use this for Speed Hack and Auto Typing Cheat

Hello Everyone, is a great place to learn basic to advance typing online with interactive lesson and nice user interface. You can practice each key starting from home row to numeric pad and special character. In test section of, you can get a digital certificate of being a qualified typer. hack bot for auto typing Bot
But sometime it gets boring when you have to do these typing lessons and tests as your homework from school. That's why I have created an Auto Typer Bot for which will do most of the things for you on

What this Hack Bot can do?

  • It can do 1-Minute, 3-Minutes & 5 Minutes Typing Test
  • It can do 1-page, 2-page & 3-page Typing Test
  • It can type upto 300 WPM with 100% Accuracy
  • In Typing Practice Session, it can do:
  • Reinforcement, Stories and Your Problem Keys
  • It can type all Intermediate and Advance Typing Lessons
  • In Beginner Section, It can type Review, Wrap-up and Assessment
  • Everything above is fully automatic, so you just to sit and watch

How to get Cheat Bot?

You can download the bot using the direct link given below for windows. For using it successfully, you also have to add an script called typingBot.user.js in your browser. So, go through the steps give below and get your lessons done on

Download Extension and Add User Script

1. So, first of all, you should have an extension called Tampermonkey in your chrome browser. If you have to that, jump to the next step. If you don't have that extension, for adding it in chrome, you have to go the chrome web store and search for Tampermokey. You can use the image given below to go to the same page.
Click on 'Add to Chrome'
2. Next step would be to add / install typingBot.user.js in your Tampermonkey dashboard which is hosted at my Github page. It user script will work as a counterpart of main bot in performing the that automation tast on So, use the image given below to open the installation page of script.
Add the script using Install button
3. After above two things, you need to run the typingComBot.exe you have downloaded. So, just open the zip file which contains the bot and run.
It will ask for speed and accuracy. You can choose anywhere between 1 to 300 for speed and 98 to 100 for accuracy. After setting up WPM and Acc, you have to press 1 and hit enter to start scanning for lesson. Then you have to start a Typing Lesson or Test. Once you started, it will do everything from here on its own. Below are few results of the cheat tool. cheat test cheat lesson

TypingComBot.exe Ver 1.0 can be downloaded from here. (Size: 287 Kb)
So, This tool will work on all portions of except character drill in basic section. Thanks for visiting.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Nitro Typer 5.0 : Ultimate Bot 2020 for nitro type (Download)

nitro type bot cover
Nitro Typer 5.0 (Session Race, Speed & Accuracy Hack)

What is Nitro Typer ?

Nitro Typer is an application written in C++ programing language which runs on windows PC. This application is used for automatic bot typing on with any given speed and accuracy provided by user. Nitro Type is a fun MMO like game where people learn typing by racing with other players in realtime.

Earlier Versions of Nitro Typer :

Initially released as 1.0 on 16/01/2016 and was further Updated to 2.0 on 24/05/2016. Version 2.3 was out on 21/10/2016, version 3.0 on 16/04/2017 and finally Nitro Typer 4.0 was published on 17/02/2020 which came with GUI interface, randomization of speed / accuracy and several other features. It was updated to 4.1 with minor fix to make it work nitro type new race track out on 09/04/2020.

Why we need Nitro Typer 5 :

Version 4.2 is working perfectly as on today, however, there is one limitation i.e. for every race you have to find the web socket lesson string yourself, copy it and we have manually start every race. It was time consuming. So, to overcome this; here come Nitro Typer 5.0 which will do literally everything for you. Some of its features are described below.
  • Back to Command Line Interface
  • Automatic Lesson Detection
  • Automatic Next Race Start
  • It can do up to 400 session races
  • Speed Randomization
  • Accuracy and Nitro Use Randomization
  • Very safe and undetectable
  • Small download size
Requirements :Windows 10 / 8 / 7 with Google Chrome (version 45 or higher). Sorry for the MAC guys, I still can't make it work on MAC PC.

How to get Nitro Typer 5.0 :

Download this tool using link given below. (from 26/05/2020)

Setup Guide of this nitro type hack:

Step by step installation and use guide is provided below. A YouTube video tutorial is available on my Channel. Step 1 : Install the Tampermonkey extension in chrome browser.
Step 2 : Install race.user.js in Tampermonkey by clicking on image link below.
Click on 'Add to Chrome'
Add the script using install button
Step 3 : Run the Nitro Typer 5.0 on you PC.
Step 4 : Open nitro type garage page on your chrome browser and set your view as shown below. From here we can configure Nitro Typer for using it in race.

Commands to be used in Nitro Typer 5 :

In this version, there are two kind of typing mode offered to user. One is single and the other is multi which stands for multiple typing lessons in one go. Depending the typing mode you select; you can control your interaction with nitro type differently.

Speed Hack in Single Mode :

In this mode, you can choose what your speed / accuracy should be for each and every race you do. The tool will type only one lesson at once. After completing the lesson, you will be offered three options being (0) Change the typing mode. (1) Do Next race with different speed / accuracy & (2) Do next race with same parameters as of earlier race. In this mode, you can type with up to 10000 WPM speed. This feature is available but you should not use such a high speed with your main account to avoid banning. In case you want to test WPM higher that 180, race as a guest.

Session Race Hack in Multi Mode :

This is the new feature of version 5.0 where you can do multiple races i.e. up to 400 races without touching your keyboard. In this mode, i have limited the highest speed to 250 WPM because anything beyond this will get you banned. When you choose this mode, you have to provide seven (7) inputs in the beginning regarding 'How many races to do?', 'What should be the base speed?', 'Randomize the speed or not?', 'What should be your accuracy?', 'Randomize the accuracy every time or not?', etc. An example input for both the modes is show for your reference.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Typing and Click Simulation - using jQuery - Automatic Form Submission

Sometimes when we try to automate a human like behavior on a web page using scripts, we have to trigger the events such a clicks and keyboard pressing events (i.e. keypress, keydown, keyup). This task can be accomplished using plain JavaScript OR jQuery. In this demonstration, i am using both JavaScript and jQuery for accomplishing this goal because it makes it easier.
Goal of the script: I am to write a script which will fill with a typing simulation and submit the "Feedback / Contact" form automatically provided in the right sidebar of this blog. The user have to click on the buttons given in this blog post section to start the event.
The script: Firstly, i will make a self executable function which will contain all the function and it will run when document (this page) is completely loaded in browser.
    //code goes here
I have provided four buttons in this post which shall act as a trigger for firing the events. The first will simulated the name entry in the feedback form. The Second will simulated the email id part of the same. The third will fill the message part of the form which is also mandatory. Finally the fourth will trigger the click on send button to submit the form.

Mission Control (works only in desktop mode)

Now it's time to attach event listeners to the above four button which will call the respective functions to simulate event when clicked. For this, i have assigned each button an unique ID being nameBut, emailBut, msgBut and sendBut. To attach an event listener using jQuery follwing code is used.
        //Code to type name goes here
        //Code to type email goes here
        //Code to type message goes here
        //Code to simulate click
At this point, we need a function which is capable of taking an string input as argument and simulate keypress for each and every character one by one. In order to make it look like an automated typing bot, we have to include some kind of delay in between the two keypress event OR keydown event. So, the function i came up with looks like this.
function type(i, charToType, target){
        target.dispatchEvent(new KeyboardEvent('keypress',
    }, 200 * i);
function typeSetter(data, target){
    target.addEventListener('keypress', (event) => {
        target.value += event.key;
    for(var i = 0; i<data.length; i++){
        type(i, data[i], target);
So, using above, if i pass a string and target (which is the ID of the element on which typing has to situlated) to the typeSetter function, it will first put cursor on that element and further adds an event listener for keypress event. Whenever a key is simulated OR physically pressed, the listener will add the pressed key to the value of the target element. The reason to add listener here is that we can't simulate actual keypress or keydown events using JS or jQuery due to security limitation. Now its time to store the values which are to be typed in variables alongwith IDs of the target elements for further use in this script.
    var name = "A Person Passing By :)";
    var email = "";
    var message = "Wow, it works!!";
    var nameField = $("#ContactForm1_contact-form-name")[0];
    var emailField = $("#ContactForm1_contact-form-email")[0];
    var msgField = $("#ContactForm1_contact-form-email-message")[0];
Most of the things are done at this point, we just need to call the typeSetter function with relevant arguments when above given trigger / buttons are click. Finally for simulating a click event on send button we need one more line of code. So, here goes the final version.
    var name = "A Person Passing By :)";
    var email = "";
    var message = "Wow, it works!!";
    var nameField = $("#ContactForm1_contact-form-name")[0];
    var emailField = $("#ContactForm1_contact-form-email")[0];
    var msgField = $("#ContactForm1_contact-form-email-message")[0];
    function type(i, charToType, target){
            target.dispatchEvent(new KeyboardEvent('keypress',
        }, 200 * i);
    function typeSetter(data, target){
        target.addEventListener('keypress', (event) => {
            target.value += event.key;
        for(var i = 0; i<data.length; i++){
            type(i, data[i], target);
        typeSetter(name, nameField);
        typeSetter(email, emailField);
        typeSetter(message, msgField);
Give it a try and comment down below to share your experiments and improvements of this script & don't spam me using the triggers, please 😁. Happy Coding!!

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Nitro Type Script 2020 : For Cars and Garage (Download from here)

Hello Nitro Type Geeks, hope you are doing great on nitro type. Today, i am sharing with you a script to hack all cars on nitro type whatsoever. Your garage will look seriously awesome when you apply this bit of code. The script made for altering the look of your garage is very simple. All you have to do is just put the hack_ID of the cars you wanted in the script and they will be standing in your garage. However, there are few limitation of the script, which are given as under.
Limitation: As you know that nitro type is a server side game and all the data is stored you servers. This script can't give the cars in real to you. That means you can't sell those car or use them in races. In fact, it is visual only i.e. cars will be standing in your garage and you can change / swipe between them.
How to Use: In order to use the car hack, you have to download an extension called 'Tampermonkey' from chrome web store. Then you have to install or i would rather say, add the hack script in Tampermonkey. That's all. I have not tested this script with many browsers such as Safari. But i will check soon and share that how you can do that in browsers other than Google Chrome and Firefox. In the below tutorial, i have described step by step method to use this script.
Tampermonkey Exnesion

First thing you should do is download 'TamperMonkey' ext from chrome web store. Those who are using Firefox browser should use the Firefox version of the same extension. I have given the links for the these below, go through it.
Car Hack Script

Now, when extension is properly installed and ready in your browser. The next step is to Download Nitro-type-car-hack user script which will changes the looks of your garage page. For this, script named newGarage.user.js is available on my GitHub repository. you can install it using the link provided below. Make sure that you have downloaded the extension before installing the hack script.
After doing above two things, Go back to your nitro type garage page and it should look something like the image show under this paragraph. If it does, that means script is working perfectly for you. Now you can enjoy all the premium cars and focus on your typing goals. When i created the initial car hack script back in 2016, nitro type offered practice races at that time and i used these cars in practice lesson typing. However, that initial script was patch in 2019 by introducing server side validation of car changing events. Practice races were also removed. So, sadly, any script can only change the looks but not the real numbers of cars you own.
Preview Hacked nitro type
Pro Tips: Those who want to use this script seldomly to only trick their friends when they are around, can do so by turning this this hack on / off using the Enable / Disable switch given in extension. When you will click on rearrange button to shuffle these cars, nitro type will not let you do it directly on garage page. To accomplice this goal, you have to dig a bit in the user script. This process is not hard and can be performed easily. Following instructions will help you do so.
Enable / Disable Hack

The Code: Original script is reproduced below for discussion on modification / re-arranging.
window.onload = function() { 
var needed_cars = [168, 183, 163, 118, 173, 169, 106, 47, 94, 68, 98,
                   164, 160, 198, 133, 104, 92, 49, 202, 201, 197,
                   196, 174, 138, 188, 192, 175, 176, 177];
Extension Links: Chrome Users use this & Firefox Users follow this.
The Script

Re-arrange: To Rearrange or change the default cars to your desired ones, you have to go to Dashboard of TM (Refer to YouTube video for details). Then, click on the name of the script i.e. Nitro Type Garage Hack 2020. This should open script editor provided by extension. Scroll down to see the default script which is written in simple JavaScript. The default script is given above in which I picked up a few cars which i thought would be cool for everyone such as Wampus and all the latest cars. To change the order or number of cars, we have to alter the variable called needed_cars. This variable store the hack_ID for all the cars which are to be appeared in your g page. In the above default code 168 will be your first car, 183 is second, 163 is 3rd and so on. I have uploaded a complete list of nitro type cars which includes all the 202 cars available on NT at this time. The list also has details such as money required to buy it and at which level it unlocks. Have a look at the list. Finally, to add or remove cars, use the hack IDs provided in the said list.
Things to remember: Firstly, Do not forget to separate every ID with comma. Secondly, do not delete the [ ]. Change the inner numbers only in accordance with table given of cars.
An honest review from youtube comment section 👈
Script Link: Download the script - make sure that extension part is done.
How it works: What is code does is it waits for the nitro type garage page to completely load, then it selects all the empty slots of your G. The slots in which cars are parked are left untouched, while all the empty slots are allotted the cars in same order as of needed_cars variable.
A New Feature: On 22-04-2020, I added a new function so now you can change the nitro type cash also using the same script. However, it is also visual only as explained above. If you want real nitro type cash, check my other post where i am giving away $30M nitro type cash every 15 days to participants. In order to use the money hack, you have to call the hackmoney function with the amount of money you need to show in your garage page. It is very simple. You have to open the script editor and go to 37th line on the code. Add the below given code their without removing anything.
You can add any amount of cash, you just have to change the content within double quote. Those who have downloaded the script before 22.04.2020 should delete it once and re-install it using the link give above for using this feature. Thanks for visiting. Hope you liked it. Leave a comment down below if you have some ideas about improvement of this code. 😈✌