Nitro Typer 5.0 : Ultimate Bot 2020 for nitro type (Download)

Nitro Typer 5.0 (Session Race, Speed and Accuracy Hack)

What is Nitro Typer ?

Nitro Typer is an application written in C++ programing language which runs on windows PC. This application is used for automatic bot typing on with any given speed and accuracy provided by user. Nitro Type is a fun MMO like game where people learn typing by racing with other players in realtime.

Earlier Versions of Nitro Typer :

Initially released as 1.0 on 16/01/2016 and was further Updated to 2.0 on 24/05/2016. Version 2.3 was out on 21/10/2016, version 3.0 on 16/04/2017 and finally Nitro Typer 4.0 was published on 17/02/2020 which came with GUI interface, randomization of speed / accuracy and several other features. It was updated to 4.1 with minor fix to make it work nitro type new race track out on 09/04/2020.

Why we need Nitro Typer 5 :

Version 4.2 is working perfectly as on today, however, there is one limitation i.e. for every race you have to find the web socket lesson string yourself, copy it and we have manually start every race. It was time consuming. So, to overcome this here come Nitro Typer 5.0 which will do literally everything for you. Some of its features are described below.

  • Back to Command Line Interface
  • Automatic Lesson Detection
  • Automatic Next Race Start
  • It can do up to 400 session races
  • Speed Randomization
  • Accuracy and Nitro Use Randomization
  • Very safe and undetectable
  • Small download size
Requirements :Windows 10 / 8 / 7 with Google Chrome (version 45 or higher). Sorry for the MAC guys, I still can't make it work on MAC PC.

How to get Nitro Typer 5.0 :

Download this tool using link given below. (from 26/05/2020)

Setup Guide of this nitro type hack:

Step by step installation and use guide is provided below. A YouTube video tutorial is available on my Channel.
Step 1 : Install the Tampermonkey extension in chrome browser.
Step 2 : Install race.user.js in Tampermonkey by clicking on image link below.
Extension for using the script
race.user.js script for nitro type
Step 3 : Run the Nitro Typer 5.0 on you PC.
downloading nitro type bot
Step 4 : Open nitro type garage page on your chrome browser and set your view as shown below. From here we can configure Nitro Typer for using it in race.
Running and setting up nitro type bot

Commands to be used in Nitro Typer 5 :

In this version, there are two kind of typing mode offered to user. One is single and the other is multi which stands for multiple typing lessons in one go. Depending the typing mode you select; you can control your interaction with nitro type differently.

Speed Hack in Single Mode :

In this mode, you can choose what your speed / accuracy should be for each and every race you do. The tool will type only one lesson at once. After completing the lesson, you will be offered three options being (0) Change the typing mode. (1) Do Next race with different speed / accuracy & (2) Do next race with same parameters as of earlier race. In this mode, you can type with up to 10000 WPM speed. This feature is available but you should not use such a high speed with your main account to avoid banning. In case you want to test WPM higher that 180, race as a guest.

Session Race Hack in Multi Mode :

This is the new feature of version 5.0 where you can do multiple races i.e. up to 400 races without touching your keyboard. In this mode, i have limited the highest speed to 250 WPM because anything beyond this will get you banned. When you choose this mode, you have to provide seven (7) inputs in the beginning regarding 'How many races to do?', 'What should be the base speed?', 'Randomize the speed or not?', 'What should be your accuracy?', 'Randomize the accuracy every time or not?', etc. An example input for both the modes is show for your reference.
Single Mode Typing (Example) :
* Typing Mode (single / multi): single
* Enter Speed in WPM (1 to 10000): 87
* Enter Accuracy (93 to 100): 94
* Number of Nitros (0 OR 1): 0
* All set!
* Press 1 to start auto scanning and typing: 1
single race fast type
After you press 1 and hit Enter key, you have to join a race. After that NT5 will automatically scan for typing lesson and type it with 87 WPM, 94% accuracy and without using nitro in above case.

Multiple Mode Typing (Example) :
* Typing Mode (single / multi): multi
* Total Races you want to complete (1 to 400): 70
* Enter Speed in WPM (1 to 250): 45
* Randomize Speed every race?: 1
* Enter Accuracy (93 to 100): 98
* Randomize Accuracy every race?: 1
* Number of Nitros (0 OR 1): 1
* Randomize Nitros?: 0
* All set!
* Press 1 to start auto scanning and typing: 1
session race cheat
After you press 1 and hit Enter key, you have to join a race. That's it, NT5 will automatically scan for typing lesson for next 70 races in the above cases and will type it with 45 WPM (along with random ups & down), random accuracy and using one nitro.

Best Practices while using Nitro Type Hack :

You should be most cautious when you use this tool with your main account. While choosing the WPM for automatic session races, you must keep in mind the current average speed of your profile. Say, for example, you type around 45-50 WPM on your own and your profile have 1500 races with this speed. So, there is no way you can magically increase your speed to 150 WPM at once. Nitro Type can easily figure out that something is going on with this user. So, increase you speed gradually when using will main account. One best practice would be that you use Nitro Typer 5 with a new account and transfer the money to your original a/c if you are only aiming for nitro type money to buy some cars.

Download Link of Nitro Typer 5 (v5.2) (Size: 27.9 KB)

Suggestion and improvement in Nitro Typer :

As every tool needs some kind of improvement and Nitro Typer always likes to develop itself, any comments and suggestions to make this hack more cool is welcomed. Please go through the post content and let me know by commenting down below. Thanks for passing by. Happy Racing. 😈
As of now, the latest working version is Nitro Typer 5.3.1 - Get it from here.{alertInfo}


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    Your the best hacker in the world. If you remember me, I am Chakradhwaj Bathineni. I used to type on 45 wpm, with this tool i can go at 64 wpm. Thank you for all this hacks.

    Sincerely, Chakradhwaj Bathineni

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    1. It is under-development by Ginfio

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    1. The script (race.user.js) is to be added / installed in tampermonkey extension. The exe is to be downloaded and run on pc.

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  20. can you make one without using developer tools because im on a school chromebook so it is disabled.

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  25. Error Code 0x1 - Initial Detection Error !!
    * Bot was unable to detect lesson.
    * Make sure extension & script is working.
    * For help - visit Discord Server.

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