Nitro Type Bot 2021 - Nitro Typer v5.3 - Race using Bot & get Money (Download)

Nitro Type Hack 2021 using Bot

As per news articles published on 08.21.2020 by Nitro Type , the new generation racing track is out for testing. The track is packed with many new features such as new design with higher graphic details, new animation, some 3D elements, particle effect, dynamic crowd and responsive and large typing area. Soon, there will be animation effect added to Wampus. This update will pave way for next generation shiny and cool cars, animation, collectibles and effects. This typing track was available for NT GOLD members only. This track (v3) is made available for all Nitro Type users on 09.16.2020 and open as of now. Various kinds of testings is going on such as performance testing and possible bugs. After enough testing, the New Track is made mandetory of everyone with effect from 11.11.2020
When we got the chance to play on this new trace of Nitro Type, few members on our Discord Server noticed that the Nitro Typer (v5.0) Hack Script is not working on testing server. So, I checked it myself realized that the script needs to be updated. So, as the new track is deployed on main server as mandetory track by Nitro Type Admins, all existing Nitro Typer hacks from version 5.0 to 5.2.* were not able to type automatically.{alertInfo}

So, I am releasing Nitro Typer Version 5.3 for all nitro type geeks who are interested in using bots for fully automatic, fast and safe typing on Nitro Type. This bot can be downloaded using the Download option given below. All the available features of Nitro Typer Bot are summarized below.{alertSuccess}

What is Nitro Typer?

Nitro Typer is an application written Completely in C programming language which runs on windows PC. This application is used for automatic bot typing on with any given speed and accuracy provided by the user.{alertSuccess}

Features of Nitro Typer 5.3

  • Total of 1500 session races in one go
  • Auto Lesson Detection
  • Speed randomization and manual range selection
  • Accuracy randomization and manual range selection
  • Ban protection
  • Timeout / Disqualification shield
  • Manually choosing the delay between 2 races
  • Increased error generation range
  • Summary at the end of typing session
  • Small download size

Typing Mode available in Nitro Typer 5.3

  • Mode 0 : This is testing mode. When chosen it will select random speed (50-90), random accuracy and type without nitro.
  • Mode 1 : This is for single lesson. If you choose this, you have to enter speed, accuracy and number of nitro to be used in next race.
  • Mode 2 : This is multi mode. Choosing this mode, you can decide the duration of your session (1-1500), base speed, base accuracy and base nitro use for these session races. You are also allowed to decide whether you like a bit of randomization in your base speed, accuracy and nitro. Timeout and Disqualification shield is turned off for this mode.
  • Mode 3 : This is advanced mode. Here you are allowed to customize all settings are per your need such as upper and lower limits for speed and accuracy, turning on disqualification shield, random selection of nitro use and manually setting the delay between two races. Use this mode for long night typing / botting sessions.

Benefits of using Nitro Type Hack Bot

  • Earn a lot of Nitro Type Cash daily
  • Complete lessons with ZERO effort
  • Chance of getting into Leaderboard
  • Awesome typing stats

Things you should have in order to use Nitro Typer 5.3 Bot

  1. You have to be a Nitro Type Geek
  2. Windows Operation System (even if installed in VM on MAC)
  3. Google Chrome Browser (on Windows PC)
  4. Tampermonkey Extension (added in Chrome from Web Store)
  5. race.user.js (installed as a script in Tampermonkey)
  6. (which contains the executable bot)

Nitro Type Hack Bot 2021 - Step By Step Use Instructions

1. Operating System

If you have windows operation system (Windows XP and higher), process for the next step. For users with other environments such as Mac and Linux based operating systems should install Windows Operating System in virtual machine. This hack wouldn't work for users having Chromebook.

2. Browser

If you have Google Chrome installed on Windows OS, proceed for the next step. This hack also works in Mozilla Firefox and Opera Browser but don't complain if it behaves unexpectedly.

3. Extension

In order to use this nitro type bot, we need an extension called Tampermonkey which is available for various browsers. This extension will look after the work of running the hack script on every page load at appropriate time. For adding this extension in your browser, you have to visit the respective web-store of the browser. Links for three supported browsers are given below.

4. User Script

When you are done installing the above browser extension, you have to install an user script called race.user.js in Tampermonkey extension. This script works as a browser counterpart of main bot by running in the browser. The script is hosted on my GitHub account. You have to add this script in your browser by navigating to the following link and finishing installation. After you install the script, you will most probably see a blank tab opened. Close that! To confirm that the script is installed successfully, go to your Tampermonkey Dashboard, you will see a script with the name of "Nitro Typer .." and make sure that the script is enabled.

5. Download the Nitro Typer Bot

Finally, you need the executable bot. In this bot, you have to put in your settings and preferences after choosing the mode (0 to 3) such as Speed, Accuracy, Delay, Number of Races, etc. The bot comes in a zip archive ( - Size: 28KB) with a read me file which contains some additional information. After downloading the bot you have to unzip / extract the EXE preferably on desktop. Now you can run the bot. You might be prompted with a warning from Windows Smart Screen, if so, click on 'more info' and 'run anyway'.
This version is no longer supported. Use latest version of Nitro Typer. Available here.

Best Practices while using the Nitro Typer Bot

If you are using the this bot for the first time, it is highly recommended to race as a guest user or with a new account. Wrongly configuring the bot might lead you to permanent account ban. Common example of bad configuration are high speed and typing with full accuracy in all races. Second most important thing when using the bot with main account is to not increase in average WPM drastically. If you average WPM before using the bot is 60 WPM, please don't take it to 150 WPM straight. There should be gradual increase in your WPM.

Suggestions and Improvement

As any other application, you may notice some bugs in nitro typer which needs to be improved. I take suggestions for improvement through my Discord Server. So, if you are having any problem using the bot, let me know through Discord. Any comments and suggestions for adding new features to bot are also welcomed.

Things you can do to support the Nitro Typer Bot

Choose OS for NitroTyper Bot

Bot Name - Nitro Typer; Version - 5.3.2; Release Date - 2020/12/27{alertInfo}


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    1. It seems like you have not clicked in Nitro type chrome tab. To resolve this problem, make sure that chrome is active window.

  5. There should be a feature of pressing a key to manually in/decrease speed or de/activate nitro.

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  17. Can you update to a new version for more bug fixes

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