Nitro Type Auto Typer for 2022 along with other NT cheats and tools

Is it still possible to cheat on Nitro Type in 2022?

The answer is YES!! You can absolutely use various cheats on nitro type and get an edge over other players. However, doing such things comes with a risk of getting your accounts flagged or banned. That is why, I have few suggestions to the players who are reading this now. given below try any of the following hacks only on alt accounts or new accounts.

  1. Don't use your main account about which you care about a lot.
  2. Use alternate accounts or create a new one for tries nitro type hacks and cheats.
  3. Practice enough so you can touch type with 30 WPM or more. It will help you in long run.

Nitro Type Auto Typer 2022 - Fast Typing Bot

nitro type hacks 2022

Auto typer for nitro type is bot made for help players to type with their desired speed automatically. Users can set accuracy, speed, etc. as per their preference. It bot is available for Windows, Linux based operating systems and macOS. It does not works on Chromebook and faces some issues on Linux and MacOS. However, it works flawlessly on Windows even in 2022. For more info about this tool and downloading it, visit the following page.

Other Scripts, Cheats and Tools for Nitro Type

The following given tools can be used in isolation or in combination with Auto Typer on Nitro Type for enhanced experience. Description, uses and links to get these are provided below.

Captcha Clicker / Solver for Nitro Type

Captcha verification appears after every 50 session races on NT. For those players who use bot, it is a big pain. There is a script which will help bot users to solve the challenge smoothly and continue with the racing. This tool must be used in combination with Nitro Typer Version 5.4.

Auto Stickers on NT

Using this script, you can send stickers every time you join a race. The sticker is choosen randomly from available stickers.

Add Fancy Cars to your NT Garage for FREE

This script in made in 2020 but still works in 2022. It adds the cars of your choice on to your garage page. The cars are visual only and other players can't see it.

Nitro Type Global Chat

This tool is made by Ginfio and shared by him on his YouTube Channel. This tool comes as a Chrome Extension which you can install and chat globally to other NT player or you can create separate rooms with your friends.


So, this is the collection of all the tools which I found out to be working in 2022. If you have some more, let me know in the comments section below. I will try to add those also, so that other players can get benefited from it. In case, you're facing difficulties in using this tool, you can contact me on Discord (prRai#5855). If you have noticed some bugs or have any suggestions for improvement of this tool, you can join the our Discord Server for discussion. You can refer to my YouTube channel for detailed demonstration of uses of various modes and features. Thanks for visiting.


  1. can you gift me NT GOLD pleaseeeee

  2. it does not work for the auto typer

  3. Bro make one for Chromebook

  4. Can you send me the code for this? I think it is very cool and want to see how it works.

  5. please make or show a video how to use one for chrombook

  6. works perfectly, but, it doesn't reload ALL the time it stops after like 700 races or something.

  7. Can you make auto reload? The person who made it deleted it

  8. I can't see the "download" button!

  9. yo, question. the auto typer works fine but the verification capatcha thing dont work... you know how to fix it??

  10. the bot doesn't work anymore, and the verification thing only works like a 10th of a time now, this needs to be updated

  11. Having issues 13th Jan

  12. hello sir can you do a bot for chromebook

  13. What is the max races if there is any

  14. I get to the download then it says download NT but i did

  15. it does not download why?

  16. Can you give me nitro gold please

  17. Hi! It Works YAAYYYYYYY

  18. doesnt work now. no "script" option.

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