Monday, February 17, 2020

Nitro Type Tool 2020 : Nitrotyper 4.0 for increasing speed (Download From Here)

speed hack 2020 nitro typer 4
Nitro Type Speed Hack for 2020 using Nitro Typer 4.1
Overview: Nitro Typer is a tool made for automatically typing on with certain speed and accuracy. I developed this tool back in 2016. Since then, Nitro Type has changed itself many times and patched the loopholes. As such, this tool needed an update. Therefore, Nitro Typer is updated in Feb, 2020 with version 4.0 with following improvements.
  • Interface is changed from Command Line to GUI.
  • Earlier, user have to input speed and accuracy for new every race. It is fixed in this version.
  • Ban protection has been improved by using randomized speed and accuracy.
  • One Click method for making it much easier to use.
 Requirements: Windows 10 / 8 / 7 & Google Chrome (Version 45+)

How to get Nitro Typer 4.0 : Download link given at the end of this post
How to Use It : Follow the steps given below to use it for speed hacking on Nitro Type. You should also watch Video Tutorial available on Youtube.

#1 Run Nitro Typer 4.0 and set your speed (WPM) and Accuracy.

nitro typer
Nitro Typer 4.0

#2 NTR (Nitros) should be kept 0 when using this tool as Guest Racer.
#3 Open Developer Tool in Google Chrome by pressing Ctrl + Shift + I
#4 Go to "Network" and "WS" (Websocket) in Dev Tool.
#5 Open Nitrotype (dot) com and join as race. When you join race, a new web socket connection will be established with nitrotype realtime server. This connection will be shown in Network tab as
#6 When you click on this ?_primuscb=...; a new box will open. Go to Messages tab and you can see all incoming and outgoing data streams here. Those which are shown in green colour are outgoing & those which are white are incoming. So our typing lesson will be one of those white colour streams.

#7 Mostly, you will see four type of incoming data streams which you need to know about.
  1. 4{"stream":"race","msg":"joined","payload:{"userID":4***32,"robot":false,"guest":false,"joinStamp":1581704850284,"disqualified":false,"left":false,"nitrosUsed":0,"nitrosAvailable":1,"position":0,"profile":{"userID":4****2,"inClass":0,"avgSpeed":63,"username":"___","displ........}}}
  2. 4{"stream":"race","msg":"status","payload":{"nitros":1,"status":"countdown","l":"=2:46..$"}}
  3. 4{"stream":"race","msg":"status","payload"{"startStamp":1581704194451,"status":"racing"}}
  4. 4{"stream":"race","msg":"update","payload":{"racers":[{"t":33,"e":2,"u":29...84},{"t":39,"u":"robot1"},{"t":26,"e":2,"u":365..19},{"t":32,"u":28...66}],"secs":7510}}
First type of stream is received when a new racer joins the current race. Second type of stream contains the encrypted typing lesson. Third type of stream is received when race is start. Fourth type of stream is for contains the details of characters typed by every racer.
For using Nitro Typer 4, all you have to do is, Copy the second type of stream when it appears and click on race now button of tool, then click back to you racing track within one second.

Those who are using it for first time, it will be hard to identify the correct stream. For dealing with this task, you have to type 'down' in the search bar given there. So, all other type of streams are filtered off.
The stream which we have to copy come in Messages tab when all five racers have joined the race. So just wait until all join and after that, copy the next stream which come.

#8 If you have done every step correctly, typing will be done. In above pictures, with 130 WPM speed, 100% Accuracy and with without using any nitros.

In short, all you have to do is summarized in a 20 seconds GIF !!

Bonus content and Download Link:

An Example Encoded Lesson is ---
4{"stream":"race","msg":"status","payload":{"nitros":1,"status":"countdown","l":"]568?294 6E2>:=4 69E [6>:E C6G~ ]@82 DC26J 5?2DF@9E 2 EF@32 J6==2G 69E @E 6>24 DC@ED64?2 DV6=A@6AD63:CE 29D:3>:% ]6<2= 2 ==:ED D2H J6==2G 69E ?69H @82 DC26J 5?2DF@9E ?6E EF@32 56G:CC2 D?24:C6>p 6G:E2} ]67:= 9E:H 94:C D2H J3C26? 5?2= 69% ]C6EE6H 94F> D2H 6E2>:=4 69% ]6<2= 2 64?@ D2H Ex ]EC6D65 2 ?663 DJ2H=2 E@? D29 E: [C6G6H@w ]E?6?:E?@4 69E ?: E@AD ED6:C5 [ED6EE@9 69E D: 642=A 5694C2A D:9% ]5?2D 8?:94C@4D 5?2 [C6E2H 523 [DE2=7 E=2D 7@ 5?2= E?CF3?FD 2 D: Ex"}}

Copy above text, press 'Race Now!' button, and click back instantly at some text input field, such as notepad, MS word, etc to try.

#9 If you did anything wrong, an error message will be shown by Nitro Typer 4.0 stating that "Incorrect Data Copied OR Clipboard is Empty!!".
Google Drive Download link of Nitro Typer 4.2 (Size: 8.5 Mb)
Updated on 20/05/2020 to work with latest race track update.

Above given steps and tutorial might look hard to follow, but it is really simple and quick if you learn it once.


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