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Hello everyone,

After playing forge of empires for sometime, i come to realize that bigger player face problems in donating forge points to other player great building. The reason is, they can donate only one forge point package at one time. This process involves lot of clicking. That is boring.
Who likes to click for half a hour to get first position in someone's arc!

So, I have created a little automation tool in c plus plus which will work on any version of windows.
For using this tool, all you have to do is give the X and Y coordinates of Add(+) sign and Forge point package sign.

Step by Step tutorial is provided below!

Auto FP Donetor screenshot

Step 1: 

Download and run the tool. Due to some reasons, i can't provide direct download link of this tool here. For downloading this you have to go to youtube and search "Auto FP donetor by Seek n Destroy". You will find the download link in description of that video.

Step 2:

Open the player's GB donation screen like show above.

Step 3:

Enter the number of FP packages you want to donate in Auto FP Donetor.

Step 4:

If you have to donate 1 package then enter one if 2 then 2 and so on...
Then organize Auto FP and FOE game window as show in above picture. Auto FP window should be in front of FOE game window.
Now take your mouse over add sign (Just take your mouse over it, do not click on it) and press Enter key.
By doing this you are providing your mouse location to the program, so program can use it to click automatically at this position in for donation.

Step 5:

Now the program will ask you to provide location of "Use sign". Now click on the + sign so FP donation option will open.

So, after clicking on + sign you will get these three "Use" buttons as always. So you have to provide second "Use" button location if you want to donate package of 5 FP.

Now take Auto FP at front again and take your mouse over any use button (don't click) and press enter.
After pressing enter you will see something like this.

You will see the X and Y Coord of both the button, now close that "Get Forge Points for ...." window.

Now you have to enter the delay time between to clicks, It depends of how fast your Internet is.
If superfast then enter 1, bit slow then enter 2, if more slow then you can manually check that how much time it is taking after clicking on + sign to open "Get Forge Points for ....." windows.

My internet is bit slow so i would enter 2 here.

So, after that it will calculate the time taken for performing this action.
Now, press Enter key the tool will automatically donate 1 FP package of 5 FP to given GB.
I don't have package in big amount so i choose to donate only 1 FP package.

The video of this is available on "Seek n Destroy" youtube channel.
This the version 1.00 of this tool, please comment below that how i should improve this tool.


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