Friday, October 21, 2016

Nitrotype Speed Hack - NitroTyper 2.3

Version 2.1 of Nitro Typer is Patched on 16/10/2016 because they are send encrypted typing lesson.

I am posing updated version of this tool on 21/10/2016 with some new features.

This post is about how to use this tool.

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Step 1: Open Chrome Developer Tool

Step 2: Click on 'ws' tab under 'Network' Tab

Step 3: Open Nitro Typer 2.3

Step 4: Press 1 and hit Enter key
Step 5: You will see this.

Step 6: Enter your speed (WPM). It should be between 1 to 11750.
Step 7: Press enter and you will see this.

Step 8: Enter 0 for 100 % accuracy or 1 for 99% or 2 for 98% accuracy.
Step 9: Hit Enter and you will see this.

Step 10: This is the new feature of version 2.3. You can decide how many nitros you want to use in current race. The program will automatically detect the longest word in your text and will skip it. So you will complete the race in quicker time. Make sure that you have nitros in your stack because if you don't have nitros, the program will stuck in middle of the race.
You can either enter 0 for not nitro use in current race or 1/2/3 as per your choice.

Step 11: Enter your choice and Hit 'Enter'
Step 12: After that, it will say "Paste the lesson"

Step 13: Here, you have to paste your lesson. Don't use Ctrl + V because DOS does not support that. For pasting something in cmd, you have to right click and then click on paste option.

Step 14: So, the question is from where you will copy your lesson and paste it in NT2.3?

Go back to chrome browser where you have your Chrome developer tool open and "Network" - 'ws' selected, as told in step 1 & 2.

Step 15: Go to Nitro type race page 

You will see some like above if you have done everything correctly.
You will see a url in 'ws' tab. the url will look like -


Click on it and this new little screen will come.

Click on the 'Frames' Menu of new screen.
You will find your lesson here.
There will be some communication going on. Some strings are being send and receive between nitro type and your pc. You will see some thing like this.


And your will look something like this :

4{"stream":"race","msg":"status","payload":{"nitros":3,"status":"countdown","l":"?@82C5 69E [C6G6H@9 [2?:9r ?x ]?:D C@7 5?2ED @E 6>24 ?@82C5 69E EC2 ?2:ED:C9r ?x ]=:G6 56K:=@3>JD ?@82C5 C@ E?6AC6D 69E [5=C@H ?C6ED2t 6=55:| 69E ?x ]E23 2 6<:= D8?:H 529 5?2 6C:7 569E26C3 E29E 6<2?D C@ 5C2K:= J=24D 68F9 2 D2 7@ E98F@9E J==2FDF D2H ?@82C5 69% ]I:?6@9A 69E 5?2 [?C@4:?F 69E [DE?6AC6D 26D DF@:C2G [?@82C5 69E 65F=4?: D=2>:?2 JC25?686= DF@>27 6>@$ ]>69E @E C2:=:>27?F 6C6H E29E D=2>:?2 7@ DEC@A6C DVC6=6G2CE ?@ 56D23 ?6E7@ 6C6H D6:C@ED 69% ]D5?686= C@ [D6:C@ED 6D69E ?: J=?@ ED:I6 J69E 6DF2463 JC25?686= 56==24 6C2 D=2>:?2 94F$ ]D6>:E C6:=C26 ?: 642=A?@>>@4 6C6H D=2>:?2 =2FDF?F EF@32 D6:C@E$"}}

Right Click on it and click on "Copy Message". The lesson is copied.

Now you have to paste this in NT 2.3.

After Pasting, Press enter and Click on Nitro type racing screen within 2 seconds.

This tool is still working. However, i would suggest to use updated GUI version of this tool i.e. Nitro Typer 4.0 (Updated in 2020). Check it here !! :)

Nitro Typer Will Type Your Lesson.

*You Chrome version should be 45+, check your chrome version - chrome://help/
**Don't forget to click in Nitro type racing screen after pressing Enter in NitroTyper
***Type with more than 350 wpm speed, they will ban you next day.


  1. I'm trying to get it to work on a Mac and I can see the encrypted payload. But how do I decrypt the text? I can't tell how they are encrypting/decrypting. Impressive work!

  2. It works but doesnt. Like it types for a little but not fast at all and accuracy is not 100 like it should be. Doesnt even finish half the race. HELP

  3. Dear Prabhakar Rai, It's so sad that YouTube has banned your account I see when I click to watch this video. Is that really happen or you deleted your account by yourself?

  4. Where is the link