Monday, May 23, 2016

How to Use NitroTyper 2.1 (Nitro type speed hack)

How to Use It?

Follow Step by Step

What do you need?
1. Google Chrome Browser (45+)
2. NitroTyper version 2.1

Step 1:
Open Nitro Type in Google Chrome.Step 2: Open 'Developer Tool' By pressing F12 or from menu.

You will see something like this.

Click on 'Network' tab.

Click on "ws" tab under 'Network' tab.

Step 3: Open NitroTyper 2.1

Step 4: Enter the Speed you want!! Up to 11750 wpm

Step 5: Login to Nitrotype and Join a Race or Play as a Guest.Step 6: When you join a race you will see something like this ->


Click on it.

When you will click, then this window will come ->

Click on "Frames" in this window.

You will some messages coming in this window, like above ->
After all five racers have joined, you will see this (shown in image below) ->

This is your lesson for this race!!  :)
Now what, just Right click on it, and 'Copy message'.

4{"stream":"race","msg":"status","payload":{"lesson":"In ...

And Paste It in NitroTyper's window.

*DOS doesn't support CTRL + v , so you have to Right click and click on Paste.

After Pasting, press Enter in NitroTyper.
After that you will see these two messages from NitroTyper->

Firing will start in 2 sec->
Click on your typing scree->

Now, just click on Your Nitro Type Race screen in 2 seconds and you are done.

NitroTyper will type your lesson!!


*You Chrome version should be 45+, check your chrome version - chrome://help/
**Don't forget to click in Nitro type racing screen after pressing Enter in NitroTyper
***Don't Type with more than 500 wpm speed, they will ban you next day.
****NitroTyper Download link is given in Description of this Youtube video.


  1. Where do I download nitro typer

  2. is it patched since now I never find the lesson or anything like that it never shows up

    1. yes, it is patched, i will update it soon.

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