Monday, December 14, 2015

Nitro type Trick to Win EVERY race you Joint (How to)

Hello Guys,

I am going to tell you how to win every race you join without using any hacks.

In order to win every race you join the one and only one requirement is Your typing speed should me more than 25 word per minute.

If you can type with this speed or faster then follow me step by step.

Login to nitro type and go to your 'stats' page. On 'Racing Record' section to that you will find you average speed and your all time highest speed.

'Average Speed' of any nitro type racer is based on his/her last 10 races. So we can do some tricks here. And as all of you know that when we enter in a race, they calculate your 'Average Speed' and connect you to a racing session where all other races have about the same average speed as yours.

Now think of a hypothetical situation, suppose iloveshoes2 is racing on nitro type for a while, and she got frustrated because she is losing all the time. As she know that all my opponent typer are as good as me and they can beat my easily. So she got a question in her mind, What if i decrease me 'Average Speed' by 20 WPM? If she is able to do this then his all other 4 opponent will be slow typers than she.
iloveshoes's last 10 races speed -
61, 63, 59, 57, 63, 62, 65, 55, 58, 61
Now his 'Average Speed' would be 604 divided by 10 equal 60 wpm.

And she typed with speed of 5 wpm in his next two races and got 5th place. Bad n??

No, not that bad. Now his 'Average Speed' is 49 wpm. And In his next race all his opponent will be 45-50 wpm 'Average Speed' racers. So iloveshoes2 can easily beat then all. :D

That is all what you have to do, type 2 or 3 races with extremely slow speed, speed to turtle, as slow as you can. As after that you will beat your slow opponents like a BOSS!!

Got it? If you have any quesion, comment down below Now.
Watch a Video Tutorial for this on youtube. Link is given below.

If you are brave enough to use speed hack of nitro type, you should visit some recent posts on my blog. I have uploaded a fully functional and safe hack tool named Nitro Typer 4.0 to type automatically on nitro type. It is a small and free to use tool. Thanks


  1. cool man it really is do you speak English

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  4. This helped me a lot, because i have a 40 wpm average and all of my opponents have like a 50 wpm average, and it sucks

  5. I tried doing my wpm 60-70. It worked and I beat a lot of people. My average is 85-100.