Friday, March 11, 2016

Nitro Type Hidden Achievement Cars and Titles & how to get them

There are some Hidden Achievements on Nitro type which are not shown in your 'Achievements'  page. There are total of 13 such achievements. In This Post I am going to discus 10 of them which are currently active. So let's get started.

List of Hidden/Secret Achievements Discussed in this post -
  1. Lord Of the Practice
  2. Astronaut
  3. Emperor & Empress
  4. The Cape Crusader
  5. Time Traveler
  6. Typing Nightmare
  7. Typing Demon
  8. Grim Reaper
  9. Huge Baller
  10. Haulin' Cash
  11. Ca$h Collector

Get Title - "Lord Of the Practice"

This is the most easiest hidden achievement, for achieving point of view, in this list.
In order to get you just have to - Complete 20 Practice Race

But completing 20 Practice race can take up to 1 hour.

So, what you can do?
You my hack for this, instead.
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You can get this title with in 5 minutes.
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Get Title - "Astronaut"

If you want this title then buy this car or Flying Machine --

Cost of this vehicle is $15,000,000.
Soo much money.
You can rather wait for some money hack for nitro type. ☺

Nasa Shuttle

Get Title - "Emperor & Empress"

You have complete 1,000 season races for this title.

What is season race-
On nitro type, season races are calculated on the basis of time.
According to Nitro type you season will be reset if you not complete any race for half an hour.
So, for completing 1,000 season race, you have to join and complete 1,000 races without stopping for more than half an hour between to races.

Get Title - "The Cape Crusader"

You have to buy this car -- The Gotham
Cost of this vehicle is $12,000,000.
Ask you team members to donate some money.. 

The Gotham

Get Title - "Time Traveler"

You have to buy this car --

Flux Capillary

Get Title - "Typing Nightmare"

You have to complete 1,200 races in one season.

Get Title - "Typing Demon"

You have to complete 1,800 races in one season.
This title is rarest of rare. One 7 to 10 people on Nitro Type have this title.
If you get this, you are great.

Get Title - "Grim Reaper"

You have to use this car ones if you want this title --

Pumpkin Hauler

Get Title - "Huge Baller"

"Purchase a Huge Ball o' Cash"

Get Title - "Haulin' Cash"

"Purchase a Truck o' Cash"

Get Title - "Ca$h Collector"

"Purchase a Trash Can o' Cash"

Check Updated and Complete List of Hidden Achievements Here


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