Friday, March 4, 2016

TypeRacer Hack to Get Speed Upto 3500 WPM ~ With 100% accuracy

TypeRacer was launched in March 2008, and claims to be the first multiplayer typing game on the web.Site users compete by racing miniature cars that advance as the users type short passages of 20 to 100 words.Accuracy is required; any typing errors in words have to be fixed before continuing with the race. but using a small 500 kb Program we can hack TypeRacer and can gain to the Speed upto 3500 WPM (Words Per Minute). This Autotyper really works.

Without Wasting Much of the time Let's Get Started!


  1. Autotyper program (minimized)
  2. One Browser open (With mouse clicked on text typing bar.)
Follow these Steps:
    1. Open This Website in One Tab .
    2. Download unlimited auto typer ver 1.3 or latter.
    3. Open TypeRacer in another Tab.
    4. Install the program you downloaded from step 1 link.
    5. Join Race, Right click on typing matter.
    6. Open inspect element.
    7. You will see something like this -> [ <$pan id="nhwRightgwt-uid-10">  </$pan> ]
    8. click this icon ().
    9. You will find all the typing matter here except first word.
    10. Copy all the phrase.
    11. Paste the whole Phrase in the inputbox of that program.
    12. Adjust you speed and waiting time.
    13. Type first word by yourself.
    14. Go to auto typer, press start.
    15. Move back to Race and just click the text bar of type racer.
    16. Sit back and relax for some seconds.
    17. Congratulations! You have Successfully won !